Casey Leuenberger

Senior, Pope High Shool

My Personal Life

I have an obsession with my Bernese Mountain dog, Aldo. I swim and play lacrosse for Pope, I absolutely love my teams! My favorite subjects are definitely math and science. I'm also a pool manager, which consumed my summer life. Recently I got a job as a hostess which is pretty exciting. A healthy lifestyle is what I strive for even though I spurge every once in a while with Starbucks...and Chipotle..and Chick fil a. For my future I plan on going to the College of Charleston, hopefully!
Get to know me :)

Why I Chose this Course

I definitely have a passion for the environment. Pope offered this course for the first time this year, but the classes filled up before I could take the course. I thought this class would be an awesome experience and I'm excited to be here. Also, a little nervous because this is my first online course, so wish me luck!