by Cole Esser

Walleye research

Walleye External Anatomy

•Walleye are a long, torpedo bodied fish with a large mouth.

•The body of a walleye is yellow to brown in color with a creamy white belly.

•They have 8 fins the pectoral(2), pelvic(2), anal, caudal and dorsal(2).

•Lateral line.

Walleye Internal Anatomy

•Walleye have several sharp teeth.

•Some of the walleyes internal organs would include reproductive organs, gills, swim bladder, liver, heart brain, skeletal system, small intestine.

Life Cycle

•The walleye’s life cycle is five steps.

•Egg, sac fry, fry, 3-inch fingerling and then finally an adult.

Visual of Walleye Life Cycle

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Adaptation 1

•A major factor of walleye adaption is their teeth.

•Their teeth are very sharp and use them to hunt and protect

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Adaptation 2

•The walleye’s eye.

•Its eye turns into a milky white color when light hits it.

•They transfer the light to a reflector and makes the light brighter in the deep depths they are in so they do not have to go up to hunt.

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Food Web

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