Mrs. Rollins' Class

Room 104

Last week was awesome!

The kiddos came back refreshed and ready to learn! I am looking forward to our progress this Spring semester!

Writer's workshop: We have started a new unit called Author Study. In author study we use certain authors books as mentor texts and model our writing after the author that we are studying. Last week we read Angela Johnson's book and saw how she wrote her small moment stories. This week we will look at how authors use ellipses and come back lines.

Reader's workshop: CHARACTER, CHARACTER, CHARACTER! We are going in deep and talking about how a character acts, feels, etc. and then we make predictions based on what we know about the character. Here are some questions to think about while reading at home: Readers also think about whether they see a pattern in the way that characters are acting and behaving.

o Can I make a prediction about how the rest of the book will go?

o What do I think my character will do next?

o How did my character get to the end of the story?

Math: we continued with identifying coins and counting groups of coins. This can be a hard transition for some students- switching from counting by 10's to 5's to 1's can be difficult but a lot of practice will help our students master this skill! We will focus on 2d and 3d shapes this week. Look for vocabulary words like: plane, vertices, rhombus, etc!

Word Study: We will continue to have the some word sort this week. Keep practicing at home and make sure you log what you have done in the homework folder. We will have a spelling "check up" this Friday over the spelling pattern your child is working on.

Science/Social Studies: Last week we learned about the 4 seasons and how they are a continuous cycle. We also discussed how the weather in each season can effect what we wear, what we can do, how the trees look, etc.

Meet our new STUDENT----Ms. Repasky

We are so fortunate to have Ms. Repasky in our classroom this year! Here is a message from her:

My name is Mary Kate Repasky, I am a Senior Interdisciplinary Studies major at Texas A&M University. I am so excited to have the opportunity to observe your students and classroom next semester! I will be observing your classroom beginning January 5th for twelve weeks.
I hope to be able to learn from your experience and take that to my future classroom. I have wanted to be an educator for a many years and I am excited to learn more from you. I have been working with children my whole life, I am the oldest child in my family and have always enjoyed working with my brother and sister, and helping them with their homework. I was also a camp counselor the summer after my freshman year at camp Cho-Yeh working with elementary and middle school girls all summer, and this summer I was a full time nanny for three kids. These were such rewarding experiences and I learned a lot about patience and understanding students. Every child learns and engages in a different way and it is so important to be aware of that as a teacher.
Last semester I was able to observe a kindergarten class, and I am so excited to be in first grade next semester, I LOVE the little ones! With respect to this semester I hope to learn what being a teacher in the real world environment is truly like. I have learned so much from the classroom here at Texas A&M but I am so excited to work in an elementary school classroom. I think this semester is going to be so crucial to my future as a teacher.

Sincerely, Ms. Repasky


In the take home folder this week, you will find catalogs for both January and February. You can order online or send the order to school. If you choose online the access code is: H8XYV

Due date for both January and February will be January 31!


Important Dates:

January 20- No school MLK day
January 28- Mrs. Rollins out for CSISD training
January 31- 100th day of school

February 5- Early Release 12:45