Accelerated Reader Snapshot

Mustang Strong Readers

So what?

We implemented AR in September in order to develop strong habits of reading practice, and our plan has truly worked for most classes and students.

Here's some data!

Mustang Market

Why Does it Work?

Through Donors, local businesses such as Office Depot and Toys R Us, local

neighborhood groups, and generous friends, we have stocked our reading store with items that our students want to buy with their book bucks.

The first time the Mustang Market opened for business was the first week of January 2016. We promised our students that if they read a lot in the fall, we'd reward their reading practice. Our students earned 1,555 points from the end of September 2015 until the end of December 2015, and those points were spent at the Mustang Market in January or saved for subsequent markets.

We opened the store at the end of the third, fourth, and fifth six weeks. We held monthly incentive parties for students who met their reading goals. Teachers created classroom reading


and kept students after school to read. We formed book clubs and literature circles. We tried to promote a WIN-WIN attitude towards reading.

Our students read 14,383,574 words in APRIL ALONE.

Our students read 41,600, 783 words this year, in AR ALONE. This doesn't include ALL READING.

We're getting ready to open the store for the final time this school year, near the end of the sixth six weeks.

And guess what?




Our students earned 12,018 points from Jan-May 2016.


We've STAAred and stomped and stressed and stampeded the bookshelves...and it's going to pay off! Our students will read for a day, a year, and a lifetime!