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Fun Facts

  • Pluto is named after the Greek G-d of the underworld
  • Pluto was reclassified from a planet to a dwarf planet in 2006
  • Pluto has five known moons
  • Pluto took the longest time of the eight planets (248 Earth years) to orbit around the sun.
  • The sky is so dark on Pluto that a person would be able to see stars during the day.
  • Attempting to view Pluto from Earth is like trying to see a walnut from 30 miles away
  • The Disney character Pluto, a dog, is said to have been named after the former planet
  • Many astronomers believe Pluto would be classified as a comet if it were closer to the sun
  • On Pluto, the sun rises and sets about once a week
  • Pluto’s moon Charon would look about seven times bigger than Earth’s moon, though it would be about the same brightness.


This is a cool song about Pluto I hope you like it!

What activities could humans be involved in while visiting the planet Pluto?

Ever wondered what taking a side trip to Charon, one of Pluto's moons would be like?

If you want to go on a sight seeing day trip to Charon but you are still deciding weather or or you want to go then stop deciding and pick yes. Go on an amazing rocket-ship to get to Charon. Get out with a full astronaut suit and explore or take as many pictures as you desire of the amazing moon Charon. As soon as you are done with the tour, the rocket-ship will blast you back to Pluto after an magnificent day at one of Pluto's moons Charon. So buy your tickets now!
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What kind of amazing clothing can you wear on Pluto?

What is harmful about our beloved planet Pluto?

Pluto is very thin and it would be toxic for humans to breathe. That is why you most wear your space suits or special shirts from the gift shops.
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