Comparison of World Religions

Elizabeth Seabolt


  • Christianity started around when Jesus and his disciples started preaching
  • Jesus Christ started Christianity
  • Christians are Monotheistic, they believe in God
  • They believe that there is only one God and he watches over you and takes care of you. They also believe that Jesus is God's son and he died to save us from our sin.
  • Christianity started in Judea which is present day Israel
  • It has been over 2000 years since Christianity started
  • One story is the Story of Creation which talks about how God created the world and all the animals and Adam and Eve in seven days
  • There are over 2 billion people worldwide the are Christian and they are located mainly in the U.S.
  • Christianity was spread because of missionaries like Paul
  • The Holy Book is the Bible
  • The Holy People or "special" people are priests, ministers, monks, and nuns
  • The Priest or Preacher is at the top of the Church, then there are monks and nuns and under them are the ordinary people


  • Buddhism started when Siddhartha Guatama say the suffering in the world and searched and found a way to fix all the suffering
  • Buddhism was founded by the Buddha
  • Buddhists are Polytheistic, some of their Gods are Amitabha Budda, Kwan Yin, and Tara
  • Buddhists believe that a person can reach complete peace and happiness called Nirvana
  • Buddhism originated in Northern India
  • Buddhism has been around for more than 2500 years
  • A story from Buddhism is the Story of Buddha which talks about how Buddha reached a certain level of peace and tranquility or Nirvana
  • There are over 362 million people worldwide who are Buddhists and they are mainly found in China and Southeast Asia
  • Buddhism spread by monks and nuns who have traveled the path that Buddha followed
  • Their Holy Books are the Pali Tipitika, the Mahayana, and the Vajrayana Canons
  • Leaders are monks and nuns
  • There is no certain letters of leadership


  • Confucius believed that the society should be perfect but in order to do that that had to have good behavior, so his job was teaching people about Confucianism
  • The founder was Confucius
  • Confucianists are monotheistic, their God is Confucius
  • They believe government should be based on strong family relationships, education is important, and that you should respect everyone
  • Confucianism started in China
  • Confucianism is over 3000 years old
  • One story is the Story of Xia, Xia was once a snake and because many people worshipped him, he became a dragon
  • There are over six billion people who are Confucianists worldwide, they are mainly in China
  • Confucius spread his beliefs by traveling through China and telling people about his beliefs
  • Their Holy Books are the Analects and the Five Classics
  • They had no special leaders or certain levels of leadership