Sparta is the best, and that is a FACT!

Facts about Sparta

1.Sparta was an Oligarchy which means that there was only 3-4 people that had a freedom of speech in government and they got elected by citizens.

2. All boys and girls could go to school, but they did have to pay. The girls were more expensive.

3.All foreign people were never required as citizens. The women technically weren't citizens either.

4.The Spartans were all about Military, they were a Military city. When they went into war, they were in all the armor that they needed.

5.During the 5th century, Sparta was very powerful. They were very open minded during the 5th century

6.Archaeology studies show that Sparta was not always such a Military minded city. But they usually were.

7.It seems to be that everyone always believed that Sparta had always been an austere(Austere means that they were strict in manner, and attitude.) But just because they were austere, doesn't mean that they are the worst city. They were being austere to have people learn lessons. And who cares? Let someone be who they are.



I don't know about you, but I would love to be a Spartan, and do you wanna know why, because women can play sports, go to school, and most importantly, they were aloud out of the house to play sports and go to school, where as the Athenians, only boys could go to school, and they were aloud out of the house. Guess what the women HAD to do. The women would have to stay in their houses unless they went out with man the WHOLE time, they did all the chores around the house and only had maybe a little knowledge, but for all we know they could have had non. If I was an Athenian, I sure would've spoken up saying that women should be treated just the same.

Us Spartans... Allow anybody!