January 25, 2016


We are working on:

Pattern books

  • different types of pattern books
  • how pattern books help us with retelling (comprehension)
  • how pattern books help us sound like readers (fluency)
  • contrasting and comparing pattern books

Decoding Strategies

  • Reading through the word ... not stopping at the first letter




  • A small moment is taking out one event from our collection of events in our day, vacation, etc. and zooming in on that event. Making sure to add details

  • We are using our past "Snowcation" as our topic for our Small Moment writing study.

  • Parts of a small moment book- introduction, three individual details (pages) about the event, and closure (wrapping it up)


  • We are finishing up our addition and subtraction unit (whew!) This unit is always a challenging unit. The students seemed to, overall, grasp the concepts. Of course, subtraction is always the harder concept...having to make sure you put your starting number (the larger number) first always gives them a hard time, especially after learning addition and the "order" didn't matter.
  • Our next unit is shapes...2D and 3D. This is a HARD unit. By the end you child will be responsible for knowing the following things:
  • circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, trapezoid, rhombus, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, cube, cone, pyramid, cylinder, rectangular prism, vertices, edges, points, number of lines

Snack / Specials

  • A new snack/ special schedule is coming home Friday.
  • If you notice a (*) beside your name then that means we already have your snack...due to the crazy weather and schedules.
  • Please make sure to send in snack on your day.
  • On a side note... the health inspector said we are NOT allowed to have "storage" of snack so if your child has snack coming up please try not to send more than a few days before "their" day.
  • Also, parents of children in our "peanut gang", I was told that they ARE allowed to have their own food basket but they can NOT allowed to have more than 7 days of snack in their baskets.