Virtual Edcamp

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The Virtual School Leadership Alliance is an association of the chiefs of virtual schools that provides collegial support and collaborative opportunities to the individual members and member organizations to share resources, services, and expertise. You're invited to join us for Virtual Edcamp.
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Virtual Edcamp

Wednesday, July 27th, 11am-6pm

This is an online event.

Participants may join six 1 hour informative and collaborative sessions on a variety of topics related to online and blended learning. Upon completion, participants will receive a participation certificate and may request professional learning hours from their home organization. Drawings will be held for prizes.

Please note that Virtual Edcamp will follow EST.

What is an Edcamp?

An Edcamp is an organic, participant-driven professional learning experience that involves a community created by educators, for educators. Edcamps are the leading edge in professional development. The Edamp starts out as a blank slate that becomes decorated as participants propose session topics on the spot. For that reason, Edcamp is an unconference. The substance of an Edcamp is created when participants decide, on the day of event, what discussions need to occur. It may seem like a daunting task for the first go-round, but once the first topics are shared, the idea of on-the-spot professional conversations catches on quickly.

Watch a video on What is an Edcamp? and What is an Unconference?
Common Questions about Edcamp

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Edcamp Agenda

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Getting Started with Virtual Edcamp

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