Niels Bohr

Contributed to the Quantum Theory


Niels Bohr went on to become a successful physicist who came up with a very important theory that changed physics forever on atomic structures and radiation emisson. His ideas formed the base of future atomic research. He also received a Nobel Prize in physics for his work on atomic structures. He later came up with the concept that physical properties on an atomic level would be viewed differently depending on the experiment parameters, explaining why light could be seen as both a particle and a wave, but never seen at the same time. But, he was best known for his contributions to the quatum theory stating, when jumping from one orbit to another with lower energy, a light quantum is emitted, and his Nobel Prize winning research on the structures of atoms. He combined Rutherfords description of the nucleus and Plancks theory about quanta. He described what happened on the inside of an atom and developed a picture of the atomic structure winning his Nobel Prize in 1922.
The Bohr Atom