It is Freaks birthday everyone is exited util things go down hill.Freak is talking to grim and Freak has a seizure. He is rushed to the hospital as soon as possible.Freak is OK for now.Max visits Freak at the hospital and almost makes Freak angry . Dont make Freak angry or he will signal his machine that gets all the nurses.Freak was telling Max to take a book that Freak had made himself, and was telling Max to write there story, every adventure that they have had.


Max got picked up by grim and went home.The next day max visits freak again except this time freak is not there.Max starts running around in the hospital, trying to find freak. When he gets to the room that he was in and breaks the glass, the guards are there and he finally is over powered by the guards. He finds the doctor crying and she talks to max and says , that they tried so hard but his heart just grew to big and he passed away. So grim picks max back up again and asked if he wanted to talk about it he said no. Max was in his room for days and did not want to come out. One day grim and gram asked if he would come out and he finally did.He went to school and everyone felt sorry for him but he didn't want people feeling sorry for him he wasn't the one that died freak was the one that died. Ever since then Max wrote there stories like freak told him to.

Kenny Kane

SMACK!SMACK! SMACK! Max woke up and saw his window wide open it was going SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!He was looking around and saw a big figure in the corner of his room.He was about to yell when his dad covered his mouth and said quiet not a word boy. He snuck out of the room and got in a truck and drove over to iggys house. Iggy got them an apartment and tied Max up so Max couldn't leave .Loretta comes over to give them some pizza and tried to untie Max and got caught by Kenny . He squeezed her neck trying to kill her but Max screamed I KNOW YOU KILLED HER I KNOW YOU KILLED MY MOM!He came over and started to strangle Max! All of the sudden freak comes in and squirts his eyes with curry powder, soap, and vinegar. Max was saved and OK.