Save the Cheetah!



The cheetah have a low successful birth rate. The cheetah have little genetic variation so they could be vulnerable to sudden changes in climate and disease. The lion eat the cheetah's cubs and they chase them from their prey. Tourism can also effect the cheetah by driving their vehicles too close and scaring them away from their prey.(ARK)

Adaptation/Food Chain

Their farvorite food is antelops. One of the farvorite is Thomson's gazelle which make up most of the cheetah's diet. They may also team up with other cheetahs get bigger animals such as the wildbeast. They hunt in the day to advoid more bigger or agressive animals such as the hyena and the lion. It also eats its prey quickly before any other predetors come by.(ARK)

110km/h Cheetah attack gazelle

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