Elements and Principles

Applying the


The balance is symmetrical because if the picture is split in half on each side has the same amount of subjects. When the picture is split it is split horizontally.


The balance is asymmetrical because the top has about the same as the bottom of the picture does.

The rule of thirds has the handles on the top line and the sides of the can for the two lines going down. The main focus is on the top half so its not in the middle.

The contrast is medium to high because the rust on the can to the silver on the can is opposite to each other.


The balance is asymmetrical because whats on one side has good balance with thats on the others.

The color scheme is all the primary colors.


The balance is asymmetrical because the arm on the right side and the leg of the left side balance each of the other out.

This picture has mostly positive space and very little negative space. The ground would be the negative space and the legs arm and train would be the positive space.


The Balance is symmetrical because on each line going across as two lines on each that are balance the same.

The color schemes is brick color with white in between each brick.

This texture is rough in some spots and smooth in others.


In this picture the lines are soft of leading out of the picture. Some of the lines in between the trees are horizontal lines and the trees themselves are vertical lines.

The balance is asymmetrical because there are three thicker trees and in between there are little trees.

There is an interesting angle in this photo it is that you are looking up, but not directly up, at an angle.

The wood of the tree trunks with the color of the flower on them balances the color.


The balance in this photo is asymmetrical because on one side has the can reflection and the other has part of the mirror outline so it balances out.

The space is the mirror is in front and the side of the rode is in the back ground.

The emphasis on this photo is that can see the side mirror and also what is behind the car and beside the car. Seeing the behind the car and what's next to the car almost has the same scenery but doesn't match up exactly.