Battles of the Texas revolution

By: William D. Menifee

The Battle of the Alamo

The seige and final assault on the mission known as the Alamo in 1836.It's the most celebrated military engagement in Texas history.
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Battle of Agua Dulce Creek

Dr. James Grant and his party of 23 texans and three Mexicans were attacked by Jose de Urras troops at Agua Dulce creek.Only five survived who then fled to james W. Fannin, jr. at Goliad.
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Goliad Massacre

the most infamous battle of all the Texas Revolution.It immeasurably garnered support for Mexicos cause both in Texas and the United States.James W. Fannin jr. at Goliad.
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Battle of Nacogdoches

Also known as the opening gun of the Texas Revolution. It started the Texas Revolution. It happened when a group of settlers defied an order by Col. Jose de las Piedras to surrender their arms to him.
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Battle of Velasco

A prelude (event) to the Texas revolution and most likely the first case of bloodshed.
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Anahuac disturbances

Two major events at Anahuac in 1832 and 1835 , that helps percipitate the Texas Revolution.
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