"Astroids" By Curtis Peebles

Jacob Sheddy 5th period

A book on the asteroids in the universe

This book covers all aspects of asteroid investigation in space. The author explains how ideas of these rocks in space have evolved over time. It is explained that humans began to understand that the craters on the moon and the extinction of dinosaurs were caused by meteors. The Kuiper belt was something discovered in the 1980's that is a band of icy asteroids that circle around our solar system. This book provides the reader with information about the evolution on the insights of asteroids, and how finding more information about these asteroids has been a very collaborative movement.
I enjoyed this book because of its detailed information about asteroids, what they are, and what they do in space. I now have learned so much about the asteroids in space that I never knew before. Curtis Peebles did an exceptional job in telling the history of our current understanding of the rocks in space that vary in size, from some that are not very big at all, to the giant boulders that can be hundreds of miles wide.

Asteroids in Astronomy

Asteroids were a fundamental part of the Astronomy course. Astronomers have been studying these celestial bodies for many years and have come a long way in their knowledge of how they work in the universe. Expanding our knowledge on asteroids can help us understand how planets and stars work, because these giant rocks in space must of originated from planets long ago.

Quotes from "Astroids"

"Before the discovery of the Kuiper Belt, the outer solar system did not make sense." This quote can tell us how we have come a long way in our understanding of our solar system. There used to be no knowledge or comprehension of what was beyond our planet, the planets near us, and our Sun.