Fairview Training Center

Salem, Oregon


  • Salem, Oregon
  • Oregon State Institute for the Feeble-minded --> Fairview Home --> Fairview Training Center
  • 700 acres
  • Opened in 1908
  • Farming was used to provide food and overages were used for income
  • 23 "cottages" on the grounds
  • Staff apartments that turned into transition locations for the residents
  • Sterilizations required personal consent or government approval
  • 2,600 sterilizations performed
  • Closed in 2000 and the last remaining residents were sent to group homes or sent back to families
Voices From Fairview

The Cottage Plan

Human right activists and therapeutic methods wanted to bring a change to the way in which patients were treated and perceived. Instead of poorhouses or prisons - new public hospitals established. Dr. Thomas Story Kirkbride was the driving force behind the idea of making a housing intended to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities by working training and medicinal therapies.

The ideas "plan" was to create an home-like, claiming atmosphere where nature and fresh air played a key role. These cottages allowed for grouping of patients according to their age, diagnosis, sex, and functioning level. Included it provide a chance for more specialized treatment.

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