Jake Andraka

by: Octavio Ruiz

Jack Andraka, 16 years old, is the most recent grand prize winner of the Intel international science and engineering fair.

Jack Andraka is an international scientist that found out an inexpensive way to detect pancreatic cancer.

How it all started(early life)

When Jack was at the age of 14 the boy of Maryland investigated the disease after it had killed a close family friend, and found that it spreads rapidly and is rarely detected in its early stages. It is estimated to be the 13th most common cancer in the world.


As it turns out, this story isn't only about Jack (and his parents). But about the entire family and how Steve and Jane raised two remarkable boys. While Jack has taken the spotlight recently, his older brother Luke has made quite a name for himself.

Quote from Jack talking to kids in the world

“I tell kids ‘If I can create a sensor to detect cancer using Google, imagine what you can do!’”

Heroism (hero:a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities)

"This was a big accomplishment for me. It fulfilled my biggest and wildest dreams," Andraka told the Baltimore Sun. "But also, it means that I can actually get the word out about this deadly disease and this new test that I use to detect it."

Jack started to research and started to be more and more into helping others and not let them die like a close family member from him died, and he wanted to change that and wanted to make something cheaper and effective.