Trinieos & Hermes

The story of the two fastest men ever to live


Trinieos is the fastest man alive within his village. he races every man to women and still remains undefeated. He has never tasted defeat, nor does he think he will. As he is praised for his title of being the fastest in his village he becomes very cocky. He soon belives he is the fastest anything alive and he tries to convince the villagers he is. "you are forgetting about hermes the god of speed no mortal can compare with his speed". So trinieos not satasfied challanges the great god himself to a race in a very rude and disrespectful manner as he says, "I am the fastest alive no god or godess can compare". the villagers are shcoked by his words and shun him in disgrace. He then begins to bash Hermes for not showing up and prooving his tremoundus speed and as he is doing it the great god himself rises burning red hot flames.


"I hear your words mortal and they disgust me! But I do accept youre challange to race we shall race tomorrow to the top of that mountain at high noon." "HA! high noon" Trinieos said. "you must not have the courage to race me right now oh well thats your loss Hermes..." "ENOUGH!" we well race to the top of the mountain right now then, I will not stand here another second and be insulted by some mortal"! Men and women, god and godess came from all over the world to watch the great race. "The rules are simple." Hermes stated. "The first to the top of the mountain is claimed champion".

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The race started uphill, Hermes got a quick lead for he was stronger but going downhill and straight ahead Trinieos had the upper hand, for he was quicker. In the end hermes was bareley leading the determined mortal. it was a one-hundred meter dash to the finish line. the finish was going uphill and the results so far had shown that Hermes would pull through. trinieos turned blue after being aware of the facet, he could not stand to loose after all of the trash talk he put up. Infact he was so determined not to loose he decided winning was worth anything, and that included playing dirty. Trinieos grabbed Hermes and triped him. Hermes became enraged with Trinieos's unsportsman like conduct and turned him into the slowest thing alive a turtle. Hermes won the race as expected, and for Trinieos well it is said that to this day he is still climbing the mountain to see the results....