Class Newsletter

March 2016

Quick Note

What an awesome month we've had - spring sure is busy!

Students are taking an increasingly active role in the monthly newsletter! This month they assisted with picture choices, content, the background image, and using the website to put it all together!
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Grades will be available through Skyward and IEP Progress Reports sent home by 3/24


We continue utilizing Unique Learning System (ULS) and New-2-You for core classes; this month's ULS topic is Energy is Everywhere.

Please note we will no longer be sending home individual chapters at the end of each week. Instead, we will put the chapters together, including a title page and table of contents page, and use this throughout the month to incorporate additional literacy skills. Books will be sent home at the end of the month.

Additional print and digital resources will continue to be used to incorporate functional and IEP activities.

Campus & PAES Jobs

Mrs. Judy, Mrs. Heather, and Mrs. CC have really raised the bar during vocational activities.

The daily success students are experiencing due to their efforts is simply AMAZING!!

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Last month we participated in a campus wide Military Letter writing campaign.

We also got to help fold all of the letters and stuff envelopes so they could be mailed.

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We made sensory bottles with Ms. Grissom for younger students.

We filled empty bottles with water, oil, glitter, and a variety of other items.

Each of us tried something different and had a blast!

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Track practice has been really fun with all the athletes and volunteers!!

We are looking forward to the upcoming Keller and Grapevine track meets!

Please don’t forget to send lunch, water, and sunscreen.

Community Based Instruction

When we moved CBI trips to Thursdays this semester, I completely forgot to consider track practice! It makes for a busy day, but has been a seamless, productive change.

We continue focusing on independence and individualized skills such as food categories/aisle signs and checking out.

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Food Prep Activities

We had several birthdays recently so we have made cupcakes during a few group cooking lessons. One day we decided to try to make different frosting flavors by mixing peanut butter and chocolate and cool whip and orange sherbet. We also made no bake oatmeal balls – yum! One recipe we tried was for “Presidential Pop”, a red, white, and blue beverage. This was fun to make, but not a big hit taste wise.

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Other FUN Times

We sold helped STUCO with Valentine's Day sales! They even donated some of the profit to Special Olympics.

Competed in a chili cook - off and won 2nd place!

Best Buddies: Spread the Word to End the Word campaign - we have made posters together and plastered the school with a variety of positive messages! :)

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We had fun at the pep rally. Everyone cheered for our track athletes!

We enjoyed the cheer, band, color guard, and Chinese Club performances too.

Contact Info

Conference: 12:00 to 1:30 daily (3rd/7th blocks)

Cell: (903) 933 - 9856