Ms. Deerfield's Newsletter:

The Week of September 22nd, 2014

Homework This Weekend!

Complete the activities about Newton's Three Laws of Motion and Energy from

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Go to the Fall Semester Calendar tab.

Go to Thursday, Sept. 18th
Click the Pink Versal Link.

Once Versal is loaded, Click Start the Course.

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This must be complete by Wednesday, September 24th. This assignment was given on Thursday, Sept. 18th.

Versal must be used in Google Chrome or Safari.

Force and Motion Unit

We will be starting our Force and Motion unit toward the end of the week. This unit the student will know that there is a relationship between force, motion, and energy. The student is expected to demonstrate and calculate how unbalanced forces change the speed or direction of an object's motion. Differentiate between speed, velocity, and acceleration. And investigate and describe applications of Newton's law of inertia, law of force and acceleration, and law of action-reaction such as in vehicle restraints, sports activities, amusement park rides, Earth's tectonic activities, and rocket launches.

Force and Motion Stations For the Week

On Monday and Tuesday we will be finishing through Five different stations. All the work from the stations will be due on Wednesday. The stations are the following:

1. Force and Motion Math Problems

2. Speed and Velocity Triangle

3. TASK Cards: Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

4. Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration Cut Out and Graphing Worksheets

5. Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration Worksheets

Then on Wednesday and Thursday we will be starting the Newton's Laws Stations:

1. 2 hands on activities and worksheet.

2. 2 hands on activities and worksheet.

3. 2 hands on activities and worksheet.

4. Newton's Laws Interactive and worksheet.

5. Laws of Motion Triangle.

If students do not finish the station in class, it will be completed either at home (if possible) or during tutorials. It is the student's responsibility to complete their work on time.

Warm Ups

Warm ups are a part of an every day activity. Students are expected to have a composition journal to put their warm ups in. This is a must to have for class.

Warm Up Expectations:

1. Students will walk into class and should start their warm up that will be posted on the board.

2. Students will have five minutes to write down the Date, the Question, any Pictures, and the Answer of the warm up.

3. We will go over the Warm Up together in class.

Warm ups are used to review concepts that were introduced the day before or to engage the students in a new topic that we will be covering. Warm Ups will be part of a major grade at the end of each unit, so it is important to keep up with them. If a student is absent or misses a warm up, they will be posted on my website every Friday under the Warm Up tab.