J'n C Sports

By: Josh Grant, Noah Wilson, Collin Stallworth

6 Business Activities

Generating ideas: We developed JNC Sports because we thought what sports store close to Rochester could we buy almost anything at? JNC is located right outside of Rochester. This store you can buy balls, sports clothing, hats, and shoes. We looked up an 30 minutes away from Rochester, and there was Dicks Sporting Goods, but they didn't have half the stuff we have at JNC.

Raising Capital: To get our money for our store, we went to the Bank and got a loan. We got enough money to buy a building, items to make sports equipment, and money to get name brand sports apparel. Many financial investors also invested in our store.

Employee & Training: We hired a team of employees who know their stuff about sports. We have at least 10 sports categories in our stores and we want at least 3 employees who are experts at that sport.

Buying Goods & Services: We sell many name brands, we sell Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, and Jordan. We get these supplies through their factories.

Marketing Goods & Services: We have made a TV commercial about JNC and all of the nice service and items we have in this store. We also have ads in the newspaper with prices off.

Maintaining Business Records:We use a internet website called Quickbooks. This is really helpful for keeping business records. We hired someone to keep all the business records.