by Mia Rubinetti and Colin Choy


In Ancient Greece, there were to big city-states: Athens, a city state based on education, and Sparta, a city-state military based. Athens was the most wealthy city states out of all the city states in Greece, and some say that it has the best education. Athens is highly known for it’s democracy, and they say that they invented it, but some people say that the Indians invented it. Everyone earned money, even the poor. These all show that Athens was one of the greatest city states in Ancient Greece.
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Wealth affecting Work

In Athens, there were many types of people, with different amounts of wealth. There are the poor people, who have to work day and night making money to support themselves and their family. There are also the wealthy, who don’t really work much, and have servants who do all the hard work for them. In Athens, both groups of people benefit in many different ways. The poor citizens of Athens earn money differently than the wealthy. Poorer women sell goods and food in the market, while the men are craftsmen and builders. The wealthier citizens gain more money than the poorer people, but they do less work, and have many more privileges. The wealthy get to go to school, and learn how to read, write, and do math.