Timeline of the reconstruction act.

By Ray'shae Hastings

My timeline


January 1

Emancipation Proclamation issued.
Frees slaves in states in rebellion and authorizes the enlistment of black troops.


March 3

The Freedmen's Bureau established.
Provides assistance to emancipated African Americans. Abolished in 1872.

April 15

President Abraham Lincoln assassinated.
Vice President Andrew Johnson becomes president.

December 6

13th Amendment.
Abolishes slavery in all states and territories .

Black Codes enacted.
Southern states enact laws restricting rights of African Americans.


April 9

Civil Rights Act of 1866
Confers citizenship on African Americans and guarantees equal rights.

Ku Klux Klan
A secret organization to intimidate African Americans and restore white rule is founded in Pulaski, Tennessee. They were co-founded by former "confederate" Calvary general Nathan beatings. they did things like lynching, massacres, and beatings.


Reconstruction Acts
Congress divides the former Confederacy into five military districts and requires elections in which African American men can vote. rebuilding our nation.


July 21

Fourteenth Amendment.
Prohibited states from depriving any male citizen of equal protection under law, regarding of race.

November 3

Ulysses S. Grant elected President.
The former Union general becomes the 18th president.


March 30

Fifteenth Amendment ratified.
Extends the vote to all male citizens regardless of racer or previous condition of servitude.


Freedmen's Bureau abolished.


March 1

Civil Rights Act of 1875 enacted by Congress.
Guarantees equal rights to African Americans in public accomodations and jury service. Ruled unconstitutional in 1883.

Reconstruction ends.

President Rutherford Hayes withdraws federal troops from the South protecting the Civil Rights of African Americans.