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Eric Kimmel is Coming!

Thanks so much for supporting the Barnes and Noble Book Fair. I don’t have results, but I saw many Marek faces and I appreciate your attending!

Our next big event is Eric Kimmel’s Author Visit in March! I’m so excited! The kids have been reading folk tales, holiday stories, Anansi stories, etc. in preparation. Book sales will begin soon after we get back from break because the orders have to be processed far in advance, so please watch for those so Eric is able to autograph books for your family and friends!

Classroom Happenings

Kindergarten classes have been so busy. We enjoyed Gingerbread stories before the holidays and learned about traditional literature.

First grade classes have worked on genre. They learned the difference between fantasy and traditional literature genres of folk tales and fairy tales. Ask them the hand signal for told and retold and about the numbers 3 and 7! We incorporated Eric Kimmel’s folk tales and fairy tales and found the attributes in these genres.

Second grade has worked on weather alphabet books. We looked at the elements of an alphabet book and brainstormed weather words for each letter. They then used their expertise for nonfiction text features to locate the words and definitions in nonfiction books! Great job! The language arts classes focused on traditional literature and did great comparisons of different version of the Gingerbread Man. They incorporated the study of winter holidays into those stories!

Third grade has continued their large author unit. Students have chosen authors and read works by that author. Some classes have also finished their research about the author through biography work. They have organized their research and written and typed information about their author, as well as analyzing their author’s works.

Fourth grade is working on writing concepts and main idea in language arts. We were able to look at online books and see how their content matched the headings. Kids were able to use science, history and language arts topics to see nonfiction headings as the main idea. Mrs. Vogel's science classes are learning about energy such as light and sound. I also see a lot of students using computers to do “Think Through Math”!

Fifth grade Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins by Eric Kimmel. They are reading and working hard in Mrs. Tamez’s class on their 40 book project! They are hitting all the genres! Mrs. Matula’s classes are also working on the Revolutionary War and elements of that!

Electronic Books at Marek

Electronic Books


The login is: Marek Password is: school

· NEW!!!! (States and Native Americans)

Login: Marek; Password: School

· StarWalk Media – also electronic books. This will read fiction and nonfiction books to the students. (bookmark this page for future visits)

Student Login: – Marek Student Password: Marek

New electronic books are being added to the catalog this month. We added 50 this week which includes 7 Bluebonnets that kids can “VIEW” at home without checking out! Go to the catalog on the library webpage. Type in “electronic books” for a complete list or the individual titles. Click on the copy with a Blue E instead of a red book. Click View. You will be asked for a password….Mackin login is mmelib and the password is mmeread. Follett login is Guest and password is Guest. Some will read to students. You may need to download the app for Mackin or Sebco, but it will prompt you.

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