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Congratulations on becoming part of the fastest growing and most dynamic health and wellness companies in the world!

If you are receiving this, then you have decided to become a Consultant with Arbonne and are now a part of Michelle Bazinet's team of successful Arbonne Consultants! Whether you are looking to shop at the best possible discount, or looking to earn a little or a lot, there is a place for everyone!

I welcome the chance to say hello and get to know you. Along with your sponsor, I look forward to supporting you in every and any way that I can. Feel free to contact me with any questions or simply to introduce yourself. You can always reach me at mbazinetvp@gmail.com or (416) 732-2077 (CAN). So glad you're here!

Warm Regards,

Michelle xo

So you are a brand new Consultant... now what?

  • Purchase and complete the 30 Days to Healthy Living Program so that you have your own personal testimony and results. This should include picture, measurements and weight.

  • Within your first 48 hours, set up a Getting Started Call with your upline and VP so that they can help you to launch your business correctly and understand what YOUR goals are.

  • Make an official announcement on your social media platforms. You cannot be successful in Arbonne without opening your mouth and sharing with people what it is you are doing! Share, Share Share! Consistency is also KEY! Dont expect to post one time and have everyone flock to you. Weave Arbonne into your posts. I use a 3:1 ration rule. 3 posts about my family/life to 1 post about my business.

  • Set up 2 launches in the same month to help get the word out about what you are doing. (Can be in person or virtual). Work directly with your upline so that they can lead both of these and help you to get your business off the ground running.

  • In your first 30 days as a consultant, find 7 people to do the 30 Days Program alongside with you.

  • Think of 3 people that you want to join you in doing this business right away and get them connected with me to help you share our Is Arbonne For You business chat.
Click here for a printable Getting Started Document

This sheet is what you will go over on your Getting Started Call with your sponsor and upline Vice President

How to Find and Coach your first clients

  • Share your personal results for the 30 Days Program with everyone you know. It helps to make a list and start working through that list. (Cell phone, Facebook friends, family, acquaintances etc.) This is SUPER important. This business is truly a numbers game so the more people you reach out to the better. We recommend reaching out and inviting at least 100+ people to your launches, and remember that the answer will always be no unless you ASK people to take a look at what you are doing.

  • Reach out DIRECTLY to people and either talk to them face to face about what you are doing, text or private message them. Work directly with your sponsor to come up with verbiage to reach out to your network that is AUTHENTIC. People dont want to be sold to, they want to hear YOUR story. Recognize that what you have is a GIFT to give people. Also, remember that just posting on your FB page isnt going to work. You really need to ASK people directly to take a look at what you are doing and if you they would support you in listening to your story and tuning into your launch event.

  • FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP FOLLOW UP! Not everyone is going to say yes and not everyone is going to answer you right away. Follow your uplines lead and always follow up multiple times. Even if you get a "No" it is a no for right now, not forever.

  • Once you have someone interested in the 30 Days program you will sign them up with the Nutrition Arbonne Success Value Pack (ASVP Item #1430)

  • Send them the Welcome Email listed below. (Please customize with the correct dates)

  • Add them to the Teams Facebook Support and Accountability Group.

  • Figure out their start date and begin coaching them

Once you have your clients... learn how to coach them!

Click here for a Step by Step process for coaching

How to place your first order and how to Coach your clients through the Arbonne 30 Program

Click here to download Welcome Email for new clients

Once your new clients have purchased their Nutrition Kit you will want to customize this email and send it to them. This has ALL of the info they need to get started including the full 30 Days to Fit Program Flye

The Referral / Host Rewards Program

As a new Consultant you get access to CASH BONUSES!

When you find just 8 clients (including you) in your start month, Arbonne will gift you with $120 Bonus!

The Arbonne Difference

Here is a video that truly shows why Arbonne is different and why we are growing so quickly!
Arbonne is Pure Safe and Beneficial with Dr. Peter Matravers

Income potential with Arbonne

For many it is hard to understand and believe that you can truly make a full time income working part time hours virtually with Arbonne, BUT let me tell you its TRUE! I am 100% evidence that this business works when you do. I originally signed up as a consultant for the discount on the products back in 2011, but I got SO much more then that. I am forever grateful that I made the decision to take this opportunity seriously and GO FOR IT. I have yet to look back and know that this is still just the beginning. So buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life! Your life right now, is about to change for the better, and we cant wait to be a part of it and watch you grow! The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Are you starting to see your potential with Arbonne?

Everyone joins Arbonne for different reasons and with different goals in mind. Remember your sponsor and the person that introduced you to Arbonne is there to help you figure out what you want out of this amazing opportunity. There are SO many ways to share this amazing company, business and products with people so keep an open mind! Social marketing has truly become a business of the future and we are so excited that you have decided to join us on this journey! In Arbonne our mission is to help everyone we can achieve total body health and a life of true abundance! Check out this amazing video that shares a little about Arbonne's Mission. I think after watching this you will start to agree that you are onto something! The sky is the limit and we cant wait to see where this takes you

Utilize the resources that are available to you

What I love about this business is the you have EVERYTHING at your fingertips. We have created a simple system and you have all of the resources you need to be successful. Please take time to check out the below links.

Have someone interested in learning more about the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living Program? Send them this simple flyer that gives them all of the information in one place including an overview video, a example of what a typical day looks like as well as a breakdown of the cost of the program. Download HERE

Once your NEW CLIENT has purchased their 30 Days to Healthy Living ASVP (Arbonne Success Value Pack) Nutrition Kit, you will want to send them the Welcome Email attached above. Make sure to save this email since it will go out to every single new client doing the program. Make sure that whatever email you send you are attaching this flyer that gives them everything they need to get started. https://www.smore.com/sc5jn

Network Marketing has most recently been called Social Marketing because social media has become such an important role in growing a huge and stable organization. Learn more about how to create your brand on Social Media platforms!


Have someone interested in the Arbonne business opportunity? Send them this Discover Arbonne about what it means to become a Healthy Living Coach!



Here are some simple tips to help you make your Arbonne business run smoother

1. Voxer - A walkie-talkie app that we utilize for training and quick questions/answers. Sometimes it is SO much easier then texting. I love using this with my nutrition clients as well.

2. Shop Arbonne App- will make calculating orders easy.

3. Audible - is great for listening to audio books, personal growth, business development, etc

4. Photofy App/Red Stamp - is a great app for creating fun flyers/invites in just a few minutes. There is even an Arbonne Collection you can use.

Handy things to know

  • We want to make sure that you always are getting these amazing products at the deepest and best discount possible. At the Consultant level, you can become eligible to access the host/referral rewards PLUS whenever you place a 250 QV order under your ID, (outside of an event or host rewards) you will always receive the opportunity to get your choice of $125 worth of products for $30 (USD, amounts vary per country). This nearly 50% discount on additional product is a perk we all love!

  • QV = qualifying value. Every single product in the catalog is assigned a specific QV. This is used to calculate qualifications, maintenance, product specials and campaign incentives.

  • Your Arbonne registration provides you a free web site! Each consultant website is: firstnamelastname.arbonne.com. If someone in Arbonne already has your same name an initial may be added to yours. Confirm in the My Office section after logging in.

  • Each NEW consultant has the opportunity to receive a free gift from a list of favorites when placing a 250 QV qualifying order in their START month. My recommendation is the Intelligence Genius Resurfacing Pads for skincare OR the Protein Powder as they have the highest value and give great results.

  • Arbonne provides Special Value packs (Nutrition and Skincare Packs) at a 50% discount to consultants. Any of these will qualify you for your free gift in your start month.

  • Customer service can be reached at 1-800-Arbonne. They are fantastic. That being said, if you are ever unhappy with the outcome of a call, reach out to me. I have access to another level of VP service and am happy to help.

  • The Source is Arbonne's version of Google within your back office. Once you log into your account you can click on The Source to find back-order reports, answers to ingredient questions and more by simply typing in the search bar.

Ever wonder what it's like to be an Arbonne Consultant? Watch this...