Friday 13th


Friday 13th

Terror strikes as people run for their lives

Horror is a thing that can be seen through the sky.

Blood spreads and people die

The ones who remain surely fly.

As hell isn't a place where a bell should be rung

Don't go by plane they always get flung.

The thrill falls as horror strikes

It will be stolen by high flying kites.

Death will remain as a new haunted flare

Blood can be seen all through the air.

Death will be named as your brand new life

as you now know you cant be revived.

Your family are dead 'is it all in your head?'

Now you must hope you awake from your bed.

Today is the start of a brand new fear

Other then the day you nearly drowned at the pier.

May, what a day devils now enjoy

their blood thirsty play.

Meteors shatter throughout the sky

This give children a reason to cry.

Screams can be heard throughout the air

This causes a rip in time and continues to tear.

Death can be see all through the city

It leaves us to think such a pity.

Devils play while having some fun

The pain of this death is just a shot of a gun.

In five minutes the train travels to hell

While we wait, we talk and we tell.