Teach Like A Champion

DO NOW is...

A short activity you have written on the board, projected, our placed on desks for students to complete as they enter the classroom during transitions.


DO NOW can...

Include a brief review, reading, writing, analysis of math or graphs, answering questions, and the like. Their content usually serves to get the ensuing lesson plan rolling as soon as the teacher starts the class. Whatever the content and connection, students need to know, without having to ask:

  • What to do, from written instructions or prompts
  • How much time they have to complete the task
  • How to signal their completion
  • How to dispose of any materials that aren’t mean to be kept

Teachers should devise a plan for a DO NOW routine that should be used on a regular basis and explicitly script how that plan should be presented to students. It is imperative that students know:

  • Where students should routinely look to find the DO NOW
  • Your expectations: what they should do if they have a question; whether the activity is individual or collaborative (hint: no); and, what to do if they find the work too difficult or confusing
  • How much time they have to complete the assignment
  • How the DO NOW benefits learning


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