Plutonium Most Wanted

By Blake Barton


Atomic #:94

Atomic Mass Number:244




Valence Electrons:2

Group #:8B

Family Name:Actinide

Chemical Properties:The metal has a silvery appearance and takes on a yellow tarnish when slightly oxidized. It is chemically reactive.The metal readily dissolves in concentrated hydrochloric acid, hydroiodic acid, or perchloric acid. The metal exhibits six allotropic modifications having various crystalline structures.

Reactivity:Carbon,Nitrogen,Silicon, and the Halogens.

Type of Element:Metal.Plutonium, like most metals, has a bright silvery appearance at first, much like nickel, but it sucks the oxygen in very quickly that makes it a dull gray, although yellow and olive green are also reported.At room temperature plutonium is in its a form (alpha). This, the most common structural form of the element (allotrop), is about as hard and brittle as grey cast iron unless it isalloyed with other metals to make it soft and ductile. Unlike most metals, it is not a good conductor of heat or electricity. It has a low melting point (640 °C) and an unusually high boiling point (3,228 °C).

Most Common Compound:Oxygen