Kindergarten Newsletter

May 5


The caterpillars have turned into butterflies! We let them go on Thursday!

Save the Date

Instead of a kindergarten graduation at Crestview, we perform our version of the Little Red Hen story. Please save the following date and time to make sure at least one family member is in the audience for your child. Friday, June 3 at 1pm

Star Words

I, see, a, the, is, it, like, am, at, an, and, in, my, look, go, are, on, was, he, she, you, me, by, can, this, for, not, said, will, come, went, up, here, that, play, has, have, his, her, had, they, from, of, got, get, do, doing, yes, no, does, I'm, make, came, saw

Important Dates

Happy Birthday Valeria!

Thursday, May 26-Trip to the Bailey Forest

Thursday, June 6-Dodge Nature Center visit

Friday, June 3-Little Red Hen Kindergarten Play

Friday, June 10-Last day of Kindergarten

A Peak at Next Week

Theme: Ladybugs

Phonics: old family (mold, sold, fold, cold, gold, told, scold)

Math: Subtraction

Star words: review