a little bit about baseball

what is basebal

Baseball is a sport where the pitcher throws the ball to the catcher. The batter tries to hit the ball if he dose hit the ball he will run the bases. While the batter is running the field players try to catch the ball. If they catch the ball before it hits the ground the batter is out but,if they don't they have try to to tag the batter with the ball.

Travel v.s Rec

Travel baseball and rec baseball are very different. In travel you have to pay more money. In rec you pay less. In travel you have to travel further. In rec you travel but not as far.

The time line of baseball.

First you play tee ball. Then you play pe-we. After that you play for your middle school. Then you play for high school. If you get picked from a college you can play there. After all of that If you get lucky you will get drafted into the M.L.B. .

A Problem with early baseball.

In early base ball people would bat without helmets. This is a problem because people would get hit in the head by the ball. This would ether highly injure or kill the batter.