mark twain

the miracle writer


Mark Twain from the small life to the big cities. Also from the small town (Hannibal) tot the big life.

about mark twain

mark twain has great writing skills but not from school because he never finishd he left school in middle school. You guys now mark twain as mark twain but some people call him samuel langhorne clemens. But he didnt just write books before he started writing books he served are country during the civil war. he lived until he 85. also when he was born a comet went by but when he died the same comet went by the day he died. but mark twain wasnt a only child he had 2 sisters and 4 brothers (what a family).

Interesting Facts

  • mark twain was born on hallies comet
  • mark Twain LOVES cats
  • Mark Twain liked gadgets
  • mark named his dogs IKnow and, you know and dont know
  • he was retitled as dr. twain in 1907
  • mark twain died on halleys return