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Kilgore Intermediate School September 2, 2015

Dates to Know...

Week of September 8-11

- Monday, September 7th Labor Day Holiday

- Tuesday, September 8th and Wednesday, September 9th 4th Grade ELAR Teachers: Writing Academy Training

*Math/Science and 5th Grade ELAR PLCs will NOT meet on Tuesday, September 8th.

- Thursday, September 10th: PLC Planning Meetings in Room 307

- Friday, September 11th: Remember 9/11; Common Grade 1 for 4th and 5th Grade ELAR and Math

*All students' Reading and Math Levels should be charted and shared with me by the end of the day.

Week of September 14-18

- Tuesday, September 15th PLC Meetings in Room 307 (ELAR Planning Day)

- Thursday, September 16th PLC Meetings in Room 307 (Math/Science Planning Day)

Tentative Agenda for Data Day (Week of September 14-18):

*Share information from lead4ward documents studied for specified TEKS from the Student Learning Report

*Chart pertinent information on a project board

*Review scope & sequence to see where the TEKS are taught and revise if needed

*View a short video regarding how small group instruction turned a school around

*Document interventions and share with me by the end of the day on Friday (More information to follow)

Fun 5: Work in the Power Zone

The Power Zone is all about the physical location of the teacher to the students. The WORST place to instruct is sitting at our desks. We tend to have "a comfort zone" in a typical teacher work area in our classrooms. Working in the Power Zone is about:

* monitoring mistakes,

* proximity control,

* providing immediate feedback, and

* constantly making micro-adjustments to our instruction.

The Lecture Position

"The teacher occupying the lecture position serves as the "sage on the stage," maintaining an appropriate but aloof professional distance. The students serve as the adoring audience, receiving information and taking notes - or perhaps being unbelievably bored, but if talented, pretending to be interested."

To Sum it Up

"If one is going to expend considerable time and energy to plan a lesson; if one is going to expend considerable time and energy to teach the lesson; if one is going to expend considerable time and energy to assess the lesson; and, ultimately, if one is evaluated on the effectiveness of the lesson; why wouldn't one position oneself in the location that will produce the best results?"

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