first Value

one of my best skills is value[shading]
value is add form and shape to Artworks and also to give it a 3d feel so you get the illusion that it is popping out of the page. I use this in most of my artworks because its a great skill to master and use and show depth in your artwork

secound non verbal communication

this skill is basically just you communicating with the audience that is looking at your art work by conveying a feeling with type of strokes colours you use in your artwork i use this in my painting mostly so that i don't have to explain what this painting is trying to say

third making a pinch pot

its pretty easy to do but if you mess up you might have to restart the whole process over

Fourth print making

this skill is pretty irritating at first but once i got into it it started to grow on me but it is still pretty hard to get the print on the paper perfectly

Fifth lino cuting

this is a part of print making but i think its a separate skill from it with separate tools which if you don't use a bench hook properly you can cut yourself