Limitations and Restrictions

The Negative Effects of Strict Parenting

By Nikita Ravat

The Negative Influences

In the eyes of society, strict parents are viewed as individuals who emphasize discipline within the household as it assists children in reaching their full potential in life, leading them to success. However, although parents desire successful children, the limitations and restrictions that are put upon children can be seen as a disadvantage for children as it negatively impacts the children’s approach and their interactions due to their newly adapted behavior and attitude. To be more specific, strict parenting methods can cause communication issues within the parent-child relationship as children begin to feel neglected, it negatively influences the child’s behavior to develop physical aggression towards parents and peers and can cause children to rebel against parent’s desires in order to escape from pressure.

64% of children don’t spend enough time with their mothers

68% of children don’t receive enough time with their fathers


Authoritarian parents impose harsh rules and restrictions because they desire children to reach their full potential in life and become successful. Although authoritarian parents have good intentions, the methods that are used upon children may not be seen as the healthiest. Authoritative parents desire the same children, but their approach is different. To be more specific, authoritative parents are nurturing and forgiving while still establishing rules and high expectations that children are expected to follow.

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