The Kay Way™ Inc. - Flying Shuttle!

Only $50! "The Kay Way™ is your Payday!"

What is it!?

The flying shuttle™ is a revolutionary tool all factory owners/textile makers need! The flying shuttle, made in 1733 by John Kay, is a tool specified to speed up weaving and textiles may be sold faster!

For Sale Now! Only $50!

I'm convinced but how does it work?

Great question! The Flying Shuttle ™ is operated by mounting it on wheels which then mount to a track where an operator then uses paddles to shoot the shuttle from left to right when an operated pulled on a cord. This could allow operators to weave 2x size of fabric!

This seems cool, but who is John Kay?

John Kay, born near Bury, Lancashire, United Kingdom, was an English inventor who previously owned his fathers mill before inventing the Flying Shuttle ™. He used it for his own upgrades before making it used universally.

Still Not Convinced?

  • Product may be found at any participating retailer
  • Faster production = more money
  • Easy install
  • Ease of use

Testimonials of pleased customers!

"The Flying Shuttle™ solved all my problems and quickly hastened my factory production of designer underwear. Thank you Kay Way™ for my payday!" - John