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May 30, 2016


Things to KNOW


  • 5/31 - KP Bookfair begins
  • 5/31 - KP Singers/Beaux Strings to St. Thomas - 3:15 to 4:15pm
  • 5/31 - Superintendent Board Awards - 6pm
  • 6/1 - PTO Meeting - 7pm
  • 6/2 - Web Crew Spring Play Day
  • 6/2 - 6th Grade to JCC - 9 to 4:15pm
  • 6/2 - 8th Grade Awards Ceremony - 7pm
  • 6/2 - PTO Bertucci's Night - 4 to 9pm
  • 6/3 - Sixth Dimension to Aiken - 9 to 10:30am
  • 6/3 - KP Idol Finals during LL times
  • 6/4 - Jazz Band at Celebrate West Hartford - 11:30 to 12:15pm
  • 6/5 - KP Singers/Beaux Strings Concert @ St. Thomas the Apostle Church - 2 to 4pm
  • 6/6 - Algebra Finals - 8 to 10am in both cafeterias
  • 6/6 - 8th Promotion Ceremony Rehearsal - 1:22 to 2:50pm
  • 6/6 - 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony at Hall High School - 5:30pm
  • 6/7 - 7th Grade to Boulder Ridge - 9 to 5:30pm
  • 6/7 - 8th Grade to High Meadow - 8:30 to 3:45pm
  • 6/10 - Last day of School - 1:30pm Dismissal

Lead Learner Highlights

KP Families, last week was a blast of learning and demonstration as we ended our performance music spring concert series and viewed the work of our artists during our school wide art show. Students witnessed a photo realistic creation by Graffiti/Mural Artist ARCY as he spent the day creating our school mascot on our front lawn. This is directly connected to the 6th grade curriculum and we are grateful to art teacher Stacey Grindle for bringing this experience to our students and to the KP PTO for co-sponsoring the artist.

The next 9 days of school continues our focus on learning with moments for celebration for all of the wonderful learning and connection that has happened this year. Our 8th graders will celebrate the end of their middle school experience with a number of celebrations while also demonstrating their knowledge and skills in multiple ways through the end of the year. We are asking that you help support a smooth end of year experience by helping us with the following:

  • Encouraging your child to complete academic work both in class and at home (including any missing assignments eligible for submission)
  • Asking your child to look for misplaced books or working with the teacher or library media specialist to pay for lost books
  • Closing out any lunch debts
  • Asking your child to bring home clothes, shoes or items from their locker prior to the last few days of school to lessen the burden of bringing it all home on the last day of school
  • Discussing the highlights of the school year with your child and sharing any feedback for improvement with your child's teacher or KP administration to support continuous improvement

Please review our calendar for a number of events we have planned and we hope to see you on Wednesday at the PTO meeting.

Final PTO MEETING - June 1, 2016

The FINAL PTO meeting of the year will be on June 1st at 7pm in the KP Commons. We need your help and support. This is our election meeting and there is a position for YOU!

KP Yearbooks

Did you miss the yearbook pre-sale? Not to worry! KP YEARBOOKS will be on sale before morning advisory on Friday, June 3 for 8th Graders ONLY, and on June 6, 7, 8 and 9 for all grade levels. There are a limited number, so first come, first served!

8th Grade Promotion News

To parents/guardians of 8th grade students. The KP Promotion Ceremony takes place on June 6th in the Hall High School gymnasium. Your child will be given four tickets to the ceremony on the afternoon of June 6th following our rehearsal. Students need to be at Hall HS at 5:10pm and doors will open at 5:15pm and seating will be on a first come first serve basis.

Chromebooks Purchase Questions

Due to the increase in assignments being given and accessed through Google Apps for Education, a few months ago, parents/caregivers asked about an opportunity to purchase chromebooks for a discount through the district. I didn't realize that I didn't follow up on this request (thank you to the parent who mentioned in the survey feedback).

Per our Director of Technology, Jared Morin, the school district does not offer bulk ordering/pricing for families at this time. However, for families interested in purchasing a chromebook for their child to use at home and/or in school I can share the district's preferred model is the Lenovo Chromebook. There are a number of price points available depending on your interest. Last year's model was the Lenovo N21 Chromebook (click here). There is a N22 model available as well with 2GB and another with 4GB. There are many other models of Chromebooks available. However, if families are interested in their child bringing it to school for use, I would caution that we have found that Samsung chromebooks have difficulty attaching to the network.

Students in Action

Student Project Requests

6th grade students Alden, Allie, Veronica and Zenia

Veronica are collecting recycled dance costumes and accessories for their community service project. All donated items will be given to dance studios and other programs in need. You can find donation boxes in front of the school today through June 3rd. Thanks in advance for your support!

Thank You

8th Grade student Mila A. wants to thank all who donated to her drive to support research for Ovarian Cancer through a donation to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. As a result of your generosity, she was able to raise approximately $250 dollars toward this cause.

Parent/Caregiver Resources or Information


West Hartford SEPTO News

West Hartford Special Education PTO

Invites you to join us at
Celebrate! West Hartford

Our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year is our Refreshment Sale at Celebrate! West Hartford which will be held Saturday June 4 from 10am to 6pm and Sunday June 5 from Noon to 6pm.

West Hartford SEPTO (Special Education Parent Teacher Organization) is seeking volunteers to work in two-hour shifts to help sell water and soda at our booth. To volunteer please contact Randi Leopold at (860) 874-3533 or via email at

If you can’t give your time, please consider making a donation to defray our cost of purchasing the refreshments via PayPal.

Thank you for your continued support of West Hartford Special Education PTO. We are proud to be able to provide guidance and friendship to parents navigating their way through the school system with a child receiving special education services as well as financially support programs throughout West Hartford to benefit our children.

For more information about our non-profit organization please visit our website at or like us on Facebook.

Summer Opportunities

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Talcott Mountain Science Adventures 2016

Summer learning opportunities for students

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