Mrs. Valentin's Class Spotlight

By Mrs. Valentin's 3rd Grade Class

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Things about Mrs. Valentin

by Yareli

Our teacher is Mrs. Valentin and she teaches reading, writing, math, science and how to be safe. Something we really like about Mrs. Valentin is that she is super kind to everybody. We wish Mrs. Valentin would give us more reading time. The best thing about Mrs. Valentine is that she gives lots of homework.
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The Best Class

by Nandhana

My class is the best class. They listen to the teacher, they follow directions, they don’t talk when it is not their turn, they learn everything Mrs. Valentin tells them to learn. I love my classmates. I might tell you that they are the best classmates ever.

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by Zax

Mrs. Valentin’s class is learning math, a good subject where you add , subtract , multiply , and divide. Right now we are rounding and learning as we go to work every day we go with more stuff in our brains to help us with the math. We have class math talks and partners to help with math.

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Reading Mysteries

by Anne & Ojasvi

We are reading mysteries, and learning how to be reading like detectives. We are looking for clues, and finding suspects. Our teacher (Mrs Valentin) is reading us a read aloud called ``The absent author”. There is an author that is missing And some boys are trying to find him.

There is an author that is missing And some boys are trying to find him.
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Opinion writing

by Anne & Ojasvi

We are working on opinion writing. We are trying to convince our Readers about our certain opinions. We are learning if you add reasons, and use convincing words we can convince our readers. We are trying to tell other people what our opinion is , and also why they should try it. We are writing our books in book creator. And we really love writing our books in book creator.

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Presidents and Famous People

by Keilani

We are learning about Martin Luther King Junior and about being president. We are talking about what we would do if we were president. Some ideas that our class had was to help people in need and give parents jobs. As president we would help the homeless and give them jobs, too. We as presidents would send kids to school to learn.
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Games and Fun are full of fun!

by Keilani & Olivia

In our class we do the wheel’s of names. We do it because sometimes we even have so many ideas that we can’t choose. We do art because it is fun. We play four corners on Jamboard. We have recess, too! We have these really fun specials.

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Class Quotes: Where have you lived before you lived in an Elmonica neighborhood?

by Anvita

Yareli: Tigard Nandhana: India Valentin: Mckinley Ashwin: Elmonica Jaden: Beaverton

Zax: Idaho Keilani: Elmonica Evan: Soldier creek Rami: Seattle Jennifer: Elmonica

Anvita: India hyderabad Anne: Utah Isaiah: Elmonica Vincent: Portland Zax: Idaho

Ojasvi: Birchpoint Serafin: Elmonica Sky: Elmonica

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by Zax

Mrs. Weisgerber Has been Teaching for 17 years. In first, second and fourth she was the main Teacher and a specialist for all 6 years of elementary school. She has two girls one in third grade one in seventh. She has been married 17 years. Her full name is Deanne Maureen Weisgerber.

For six years Mrs. Aragon has been teaching a Co-Teacher all grade until this year. She has one boy in daycare she has been married four years. Her name is Jennifer Aragon

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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

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