Move to Athens!!!!!!!

Athens all day!!!!!!

Why Athens?

People in Athens travel all the time in Athens. They like to have peace with other city-states and be social,too. Athenians have an very well government, economy, and education. People in Athens have a social structure based on 6 classes. Their architecture is influenced from many Greek styles of architecture. Everyone in Athens (except women) can vote in the city's government. The population in Athens is higher than Sparta because most people are born there. Athens treat their slaves well, unlike Sparta, where they kill their slaves. Athens can buy or sell goods at a huge marketplace called an agora. Athens developed its own coins to make trade easier. Gold, silver, and bronze were some of the metals used to make coins.Athen democracy depended on well-prepared ( healthy ) citizens.

Pictures of Athens

Why not Athens.

Well, the bad thing is Athenian women don't have many privileges ( like owning property and voting in the Assembly). They can't choose their own husband to marry. Athenian women can't even leave the house by themselves. They probably have to get supervised by their family. Only a few women had jobs. Only free men can be citizens. And the Council of Elders had to only make the important decisions.