Vacation, Anyone?

It's almost time to draw the winners!

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How many chances will you have?

For every 30 Adesse tickets your family sells (and turns in to the Aquin office by January 11 at 3:30pm), your family's name will be entered into our big drawing. Here are our current totals:

  • 10 families with 20-25 tickets sold
  • 4 families with 26-29 tickets sold
  • 2 families with 30-40 tickets sold
  • 7 families with 41-59 tickets sold
  • 1 family with 60 tickets sold
  • 1 family with over 61 tickets sold

If the drawing were held today, there would only be 13 tickets (for 11 families) in the barrel for our Grand Prize drawing of the week's vacation and for our 2nd Prize of the $250 prize.

We are quite low in our total sales with only 1536 tickets sold. When using the 'average' ticket price of $22.50, this equates to about $34,500 in gross profit and just under $20,000 in net profit. So, please make one last push for sales before the January 11th deadline and help increase our net profit. Any sales now are pure profit!

Come to the Bulldog Boys' Basketball Game on Thursday, January 21 and watch us announce your name as the Grand Prize winner--or the 2nd Prize winner!

We'll draw 2 tickets at halftime of the varsity game. To spread the happiness, only 1 prize will be awarded per family.

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Family Vacation at Lake Petenwell

  • 1 week stay at the Doty Cabin on Lake Petenwell
  • 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, full kitchen, air-conditioning, woodburner, washer & dryer
  • limited dates in June and August, no dates in July
  • week will be mutually agreed upon, from Sunday to Saturday
  • no pets
  • no smoking
  • cleaning service is an option for $150 OR you clean the cabin as it was upon arrival


This cabin has previously been one of our top Live Auction items at Extravaganza. Now it can be yours at absolutely no cost.

Doug and Ellen Doty, have graciously donated this package again, but this time as an incentive for our families to sell Adesse tickets. The Dotys are very familiar with Adesse as they are the parents of 4 Aquin Alumni: Ashley (2005), Brian (2011), Kaitlyn (2013) and Troy (2014).


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$250 to spend as a FAMILY!

The winning family can choose to receive their prize as . . .
  1. $250 Gift Certificate to the Wisconsin Dells (use it on lodging, dinner or attractions!)
  2. $250 Tuition Credit
  3. $250 Scrip Gift Certificate
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For every 10 tickets your family sells, you will receive 1 FREE TICKET entered into the Adesse barrel. These tickets will be entered based on all sales from now until January 11--and we will enter them before we draw any names for 2016! We will release the list of tickets added to the barrel after January 11.
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In recognition of 'Leap Day' on February 29, 2016, we will have 8 bonus Adesse drawings (instead of our usual 7) of $250 in 2016. And, we won't draw any daily winners until after January 20th so everyone has a chance at winning every day of 2016!


  1. New Year's Day . January 1
  2. Leap Day . February 29
  3. Easter Sunday . March 27
  4. Memorial Day . May 30
  5. Independence Day . July 4
  6. Labor Day . September 5
  7. Thanksgiving Day . November 24
  8. Christmas Day . December 25
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