Acer ginnala

Amur Maple

  • Site: Amur maple tolerates a wide range of soils and pH values. It grows best on moist-well drained soils.
  • Plant community: This tree was found at the entrance of the park. It is often found in early successional forests, forest edges, open disturbed areas, roadsides and is planted as ornamentals in yards and gardens.
  • Invasive traits: It displaces native shrubs and understory trees in open woods, and shades out native grasses and herbaceous plants in more open habitats. It is a prolific seed producer, with the seeds having a high germination percentage. This tree resprouts easily from the cut stump.
  • Other: This plant has been widely planted for its hardiness and tolerates a wide range of hardiness zones (zones three through eight). It has good, attractive fall color, and is still being frequently sold commercially as an ornamental.