Come to Earth! We're still open for business.

How we reinvented ourselves:

Once Earth collapsed, humans decided to leave. After a while, humans, having a semi-successfully established colonies on other planets, started to come back to Earth on vacation. So, being an enterprising species and all, some of us got together and reinvented ourselves as Earth: The Museum, which we thought was a great idea. The main attraction of the museum was the painting we had by some guy of some flowers. But our guest thought the whole museum was quite boring. So Earth: The Museum was shuttered for several years while we reinvented ourselves and developed merchandise and attractions. After another good long while, we finally were able to reopen as Earth: The Theme Park and Gift Shop. It did okay but not long before we realized the theme park part of it was too expensive to operate.

Why you should come to Earth?

You may think that the planet we call "Earth" is destroyed, but it's not. We have many amazing thing to see, places to go, and souvenirs to take back home with you. We have an amazing gift shop, "Earth: The Gift Shop", full of things to take home and enjoy. Our cities are beautiful, full of lights and new gadgets that will full your imagination.

Earth: The Gift Shop

Our gift shop is the best on the planet. Visiting Earth will not be a mistake. We have plenty for you to take home with you. We have new and approved hoverboards, robotic pets, high tech hovercars, and many more thing that will surly please you.

Hotels & Homes

Ever seen an high tech, new and approved, best in the galaxy, hotel? Well come to Earth and you'll see one. Better than that you will be able to enjoy yourself in one. We have the finest you could ask for. Everything in our hotels are made to your enjoyment. Beds, kitchen, pools, etc, everything to your enjoyment. We are here to pamper you.