Wind Power

By: Aaron Cheeseman


  • Clean energy(no fuel required)
  • Renewable and Sustainable
  • Costs are somewhat low and will continue to decrease
  • Power is free once the infrastructure is paid for
  • Can be used almost anywhere


  • Wind can be inconsistent, unsteady, and unpredictable
  • Some people complain about noise from the turbines
  • Birds and Bats have flown into the turbines have been killed
  • Localized impact on temperature and weather

Wind Power Today

Wind Power today is much more advanced than early windmills. Newer wind turbines still have the problem of what to do when the wind isn't blowing. Smaller ones use diesel or electric generators or have a battery to store energy they collect.
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Why its a good source of energy

Wind power produces no air or water pollution. Wind is free, so once you build the turbine the costs are near to zero. Technology advancements and mass production are making wind power cheaper. Some governments also offer tax incentives. Experts predict that if the industry keeps climbing, one-third of the Earths electricity will be powered by wind power.