How To Use: Classdojo

How to Access

  • Visit the link provided:
  • click sign up for FREE
  • click how you will use dojo - teacher, parent or student

For my class activity purpose..I clicked teacher

  • provide the information needed
  • join your school and add your class
  • Explore! Don't be afraid to click around

Once you have an account... you can choose icons for each class and set up your classes. The site automatically assigns avatars for each student, but don't worry, you can change them! Have fun and make them personal for each kid :)

Activity Using Classdojo

One of the great things about Classdojo is that it allows you to award points to individual students or the entire class.

The activity I decided to provide focuses on positive behaviors instead of negative!
  • utilize your classroom's smart board.. if available!
  • award students for being on task! Fun Fact: Dojo makes a sad sound when points are lost and this definitely catches the children's attention.


As an ABA therapist, transitioning into different tasks is a very important part of our programs for our children! This is absolutely great for helping with transitions.

  • As soon as one student is prepared for the next activity...
  • Give them a point! All the kids catch on very quickly and are extremely motivated to do better!
How to Create Friendly Class Competitions Using ClassDojo
Watch the above video for some friendly classroom competition ideas!