Joseph Lister

World Changer, Life Saver, and Genius!

Creating a Masterpeice

Joseph Lister, from West Ham, England, has saved many lives during this crucial time. Our surgery theory is all wrong! The reason our patients are dying so frequently is because of the germ theory Joseph Lister discovered. If germs are in the air, they can get on to our tools. And if we do not stay clean, the germs from our hands and tools can find a way into the patients body-and they will catch a horrible infection called Septicemia. Lister used an antiseptic, called phenol, to clean the tools. Surprising, the antiseptic worked wonderfully and saved many lives. Thank you, Joseph Lister for helping us Americans!!

Garfield Saved?

Invention might save President Garfield!

James A. Garfield was shot on the back by Charles Guiteau. Dr.Willard Bliss took charge, and when Lister was had a new surgical discovery, Garfield might just survive. America's hopes were up when they heard about this...but they sank when Dr. Bliss said he wouldn't do it because he didn't want to take chances. America is starting to doubt Dr. Bliss, because of his constant mistakes of caring for Garfield. We still pray that Garfield will get better soon!
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