DECEMBER 9-13 , 2019

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Final Walnut Wednesday Awards for 2019

Last Wednesday, we had our final installment of Walnut Wednesday Awards for 2019! Congrats to our staff members who received an award, a pick from the swag bag, and a social media shoutout. Scroll down to see who received the awards. Don't forget to nominate for 2020. Click below!

Mustang Schedule This Week:


  • *Periods 1-6 Regular Day Schedule - 7:50 am-2:45 pm


  • *Periods 3-4 & 5-6 Tutorial Schedule - 7:50 am-2:45 pm


  • *Periods 1-4 Collaboration Schedule - 7:50 am-2:00 pm (Early Out Dismissal)
  • Walnut Wednesday: Staff Wear College Gear


  • *Periods 1-2 & 5-6 Schedule - 7:50 am-2:45 pm


  • *Periods 1-6 Regular Day Schedule - 7:50 am-2:45 pm
  • Family Friday in F workroom - 7:15 - 7:40 am


Jeff Jordan Celebration - December 11

The district office will be holding a Farewell Reception for Jeff Jordan on December 11 from 3:00 - 4:30. Come out and congratulate Dr. Jordan on his new position. Also, don't forget to sign the plaque we made for him in the front office under the lobby TV. We will be giving it to him on Wednesday!
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Family Fridays in the F Workroom!

Come join us this Friday in the F workroom as we celebrate the last Friday of the semester, the last full school day, paychecks on the horizon, and winter break!

Donuts, coffee, and fellowship. Come say hello to people and get out of your classroom for a little bit.

F workroom will be open from 7:15 - 7:40 am!

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Finals Schedule - December 16, 17, & 18

Believe it or not, finals are around the corner. Please take a look at the finals schedule below to help you prepare ahead of time.

December 16: Periods 6 & 5

December 17: Periods 1 & 3

December 18: Periods 2 & 4

December 19: NO SCHOOL - Winter Break Begins

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KAPA Christmas Banquet

KAPA will be holding a Christmas Banquet for our staff on December 17 at 12:00 pm in the MPR. We will have food, raffle prizes, and performances. Please mark it on your calendar and join us! More details to come.
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The Grading Portal will be open to ALL USERS on December 18, 2019.

Grades DUE by 3:00 p.m. on January 10, 2019

Thanks everyone.

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Tutorial Scanning Sheets

Just a quick follow-up to our staff meeting & email.

  • Before the sheet will work properly you need to approve the script to run. That is found in the video below. It should take 2-3 minutes to get it to run.
  • Always make sure you are in the first column when scanning/typing in IDs.
  • I will be going around building by building over the next couple of weeks during tutorial to check in
  • If you are having any issues getting the script to run, please fill out this form HERE.
Tutorial Set Up

Online Referrals Rolling Out!

Thank you to the E building for piloting our online referrals. We are now going to roll out online referrals to K & F. If anybody would like to know more about online referrals, then please reach out to Kevin Wendland.


Fundraiser Requests will be filled out online, The link will also be on the Staff Resource Doc under Forms & Requests.

You will receive an email saying if your request is approved or denied. If approved, you will also receive a PDF copy of the form you normally would have filled out.




a wonderful or astonishing person or thing.

Shoutout to our Mustangs going above and beyond!

Congrats to our Walnut Wednesday Award Winners

Keith Thompson - 1 // Criminals - 0

Last week, Keith Thompson found out that someone stole his track and field canopy. Detective Thompson acted swiftly, showing up at the house with the Sheriff. Come to find out, the person who stole his canopy had stolen a lot of other things as well, helping close many cases for our Walnut Sheriff Department. Keith Thompson everyone!! The most interesting man in the world.
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So Hee Sending Pubs Students to Nashville!

So Hee received grants from WVFF and City National Bank to help fund a trip to Nashville during Spring Break. So Hee will take some of her Pubs students to the National High School Journalism Spring Convention in April!! So cool!
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Lisa Lopez Choir Concert!

Lisa Lopez put on a "December Dreams" Choir Concert on Friday and Saturday. It was an amazing show and we are so thankful to have someone like Lisa leading our Choir program.
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SIOP Teachers

Shoutout to the following teachers who completed their SIOP training led by Rebecca Chai!

Jen Sobara, David Kim, Kellee Lyons, Janet Dutton, & Jennifer Maletz!

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Andy, Ave, and ASB for Stress Relief Week

Andy, Ave, and our ASB kids have held some great activities last week and continue to do so this week to help our kids relax a little before finals. Shout-out to Ave for doing some Zumba last Thursday for our kids!

Wrestling and Boys Soccer Take Down DBHS!

Shoutout to Nick Blackford, Coach Cecil, and Daryl for knocking off the school down the street last week!
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12/1 Jennifer Tucker

12/2 Lorraine Francis

12/3 Marisol Rios

12/9 Rilesha Haynie

12/13 Mathew Migliorini

12/14 Kari Pierce

12/15 Oscar Davila

12/15 Lori Perales

12/16 Hank Sprinkle

12/22 Drew Johannsen

12/23 Ken McDill

12/23 Abbey Poole

12/23 Connie Sanchez

12/26 Alison Shelton

12/27 Grace Lim-Hays

12/27 Nathan Newman

12/28 Ave Tauvao


When is The Last Time You Observed One of Your Peers?

"Despite the fact that researchers and teachers have linked observations of practitioners as some of the most effective professional learning, it is still rare for teachers to observe one another. We hear leaders argue that it takes time and money and scheduling etc…but we think one of the biggest barriers is that, more than anything, it’s uncomfortable and people are afraid."

If you ever want to observe a peer, a certain lesson, or teaching strategy, let the admin know. We will find a way to make it work! Read the article below. It is a refreshing read.

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