Wilson Weekly

Week of September 9th, 2019

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Action Items

  • Red & Black Superstars - Please remember to submit nominations by Sept. 27th. The link to nominate may be found below.
  • SLO Next Steps - Many teams are completing the first part of the SLO process in Team Time. As you wrap up, your next step is to complete the SLO Data Tracker and identify where learners are at the BOY. The Data Tracker form has been loaded into the CTT folder. There is also a copy linked below.
  • STEMScopes - If you need learners added to StemScopes, we’ve got you covered! There are a couple of different options depending on how many learners you need added. Just shoot Jordan an email, and she can point you in the right direction!
  • Specials Times - Please monitor your drop-off and pick-up times for Specials. Being just a few minutes off can have an impact on lots of other people. Thank you!
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T-TESS Goal-Setting

Save the Date... BOY Goal-Setting Conferences

  • DLI Educators - Sept 23rd
  • Mono Educators - Sept 25
  • Subs will be provided... schedule coming soon!

Tips for educator goal-setting:

  • Each goal (both your individual and team goal) should be directly aligned to the T-TESS Rubric. *Linked below.
  • Each goal should be instructional in nature.
  • Don't reinvent the wheel! If there is already an area where you want to grow this year, make it your goal!
  • Each goal requires a plan in STRIVE. Think about what specific steps you'll take to grow towards your goal.
  • Want to toss around a few ideas? Let's chat.
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Greeter Guidelines

This is the time of year when we will start encouraging people who enter classrooms to knock so they can be greeted. One benefit of having a greeter is to not interrupt the teacher when he/she is teaching.

When we teach learners to be door greeters we teach them to:

  • smile, make eye contact, and say hello
  • stick out hand for a handshake
  • introduce self IF appropriate
  • ask "How may I help you?"

This routine is a great way for learners to practice interpersonal communication skills!

Nurse's Note

To ensure that subs have the necessary information in the event of an emergency, please include in your sub plans the location of your Medical Alert folder, and let them know where they can find gloves and bandaids.

Thank you for your help!

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Grant Applications

The window for grant submissions is open and extends until September 27th!

As I mentioned in the Faculty Meeting, the Foundation has made some changes to the process which should increase the amount of grants being funded.

I would love to have Wilson represented with several grant applications. If you'd like help or to talk through some ideas, please let me know!

Academic Vocabulary

Shout out to Denton Creek for sharing this amazing resource...

As part of an initiative on their campus last year, they created ENGLISH & SPANISH vocabulary cards aligned to our district curriculum. They may be found below.

The uses for this are countless!

*Please be aware that these are aligned to last year's Units, so some may need to be adjusted.

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Week At A Glance

Monday - College Day

  • Specials Team Time
  • 3rd/5th MAP Testing Begins
  • GE New Hire Training - 3:15 - C102
  • PTO Meeting - 6:00

Tuesday - Ed Foundation / PTO Shirt Day

  • PTO Spirit Morning @ George Coffee
  • 3rd Grade Team Time
  • Cooper @ Principal Meeting
  • Lockdown Drill

Wednesday - Patriot Day - Wear jeans and red, white, and/or blue!

  • 4th Grade Team Time
  • FedEx - 3:30 - Special Edition (Campus Accountability) - All professional staff should attend.


  • 5th Grade Team Time
  • 3:30 - UNT Student Teacher Cadre meets in the Library


  • Rise & Shine