First Period Week 5 Overview

The Progressive Era: A Response to the Gilded Age

Introduction and Overview

The purpose of this week is to understand how America began to handle the issues raised from the Gilded Age Era. America’s distrust of wealthy individuals leads to a strengthened bond and reliance upon the government to take care of the people in the US. The idea of reforms, or change, becomes a major theme for this era, as America handles societal issues in a variety of ways. This era takes place in the early 1900’s, although its ideals are still carried out today.

Class Objectives

A. Work diligently

B. Make appropriate progress

C. Stay on task

D. Don’t disrupt others

Content Objective

· Identify key vocabulary terms for the Progressive Era

· Explain how America addressed the problems of the Gilded Age

· Evaluate which societal issues called for the greatest amount of attention from the US.

Learning Objectives

  • Watch crash course video to answer questions
  • Scan textbook to identify persons
  • Analyze photos and describe the efforts of the Progressive Movement
  • Answer the weekly discussion question

Guiding Questions



Big image


DBQ Essay Documents



  1. Muckraker
  2. Suffrage
  3. Reform
  4. Progressives
  5. Recall
  6. Referendum
  7. Initiative (political definition)
  8. Conservation
  9. Prohibition
  10. Social Darwinism

Tasks List: All assignments due by Sunday @ 11:59PM on September 25:

1. Progressive Presidents Video – Watch the video above and fill out your question sheet

2. Who’s Who Book Hunt - Use the textbook to match persons with their description

3. Progressive Era Photo Analysis:

a. Go to my teacher website linked under the lecture notes above

b. Click on the Progressive Era Photo Project link

c. Follow the instructions from the slides and find pictures that represent the Progressive Era

d. Share slideshow with me

4. Discussion Question: In the Google classroom, respond to the Week 2 discussion question in 3 sentences.

a. Who is the most important reformer of the period?

Enrichment Exercise (Extra Credit) – What needs to be reformed today?

Identify 3 areas of society that need to be reformed.

Create a plan to reform each of your identified society issues, and explain how each can be resolved.