St. Matthew School

April 2021 newsletter

The Home Stretch

We can see the end is near! We have a lot to look forward to as we enter into the last month: Music concert, graduations, field day, talent show, and other surprises.

In this upcoming month of May, let's remember our mother, Mary. She is our protector, undoer of knots, and biggest supporter! Don't forget to go to her for all your troubles- she listens just like our mothers do. In May and June we celebrate our mothers and fathers. In these special celebrations we can remember to thank all you mothers and fathers for your jobs in educating your children in the faith. You are the first educators of the faith, and we are here to support you and continue that faith formation. We are so appreciative for all you do for your children.

Let's continue that great teamwork as we finish strong this year and into the future.

God's blessings to you all!

Angie Palmer


Class spotlight- Mrs. Bohaty- 1st grade

Student of the Month

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Showing his Cardinal Pride, Hunter Wynne was chosen as this month's student of the month! Hunter is one of our 8th grade leaders. He steps up to help our AV team at mass, was part of the Book Bowl team, and is a great role model for his peers and younger students! We are proud of you Hunter!


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Students gathered in the church for our monthly adoration. Deacon Mark White led the middle schoolers through the Exposition, then classes took shifts in the morning spending time talking to Jesus. At the end of the morning, Deacon Mark and the Middle schoolers went through the Reposition to end the sacred time. It's in the silence that we hear God speak. Let's hope we are listening.

Read a Thon

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First Annual Read a Thon!

Thanks again for all your support! We were able to raise over $13,000!

Students above are showing off the new Smartboard touch screen display that we were able to purchase. Two of these were installed over Easter break. One resides in Mrs. Holdcroft's science/math room and the other is in Ms. Harper's 4th grade class. We will install the 3rd one in building 3 this summer!

Book Bowl

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St. Matthew Middle Schoolers, for the first time ever, participated in this year’s Book Battle, hosted by St. Vincent de Paul School. Book Battle gives students an opportunity to read 12 different literary works, while refining comprehension skills and learning the importance of teamwork in an academic and competitive setting. Our 8th grade team (Avery Murtaugh, Eli Mabbitt, Hunter Wynne, Brigid McFall) participated in 5 rounds of competition, and our 7th grade team (Gabe Weber, Lexi Martin, Ethan Mabbitt, Arnie Nash, Erin Cassoutt) was successful through 4 rounds. These teams represented St. Matthew very well. They worked hard, competed well and had great attitudes through the whole process.


First Communion

Congratulations to our 2nd graders who received Jesus for the first time on April 18. It was special also because they were the first class to receive this sacrament in our church! God is Good!

Middle School Speech contest

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The theme of this year's speech test was "The Most Important Invention." Students did a great job of writing these speeches and performing them. Topics ranged from: the computer to prosthetics, to the GPS.

Finalists included:

Riley Oas, Isaac Bond, Brigid McFall, Sean Larson, Gabe Weber, and Avery Murtaugh.

Winners were:

1st Place- Emmy Toledo- Topic=

2nd Place- Caden Round- Topic=

3rd Place- Eli Mabbitt- Topic=

PE Exercise Videos

6th-8th graders researched and planned an exercise/workout routine and created a video. Some worked on strength training, some agility, others flexibility.

Team Work

We couldn't have done it without you! Parent volunteers helped move a mountain of mulch into our playground on Sunday, April 25. We know this was a ton of work and the many hands help lighten the load. Thank you so much for pulling together for the good of our community!

Earth Day

Across the school students celebrated Earth day on April 22, discussing the importance of taking care of the Earth. Here are a few of the projects they worked on!

Sister School

St. Matthew School in Bellevue, NE and Santa Maria de la Asuncion in Cologtenango, Huehuetenango, Guatemala have been sister schools for 3 years. In these three years we have communicated on a few different occasions learning more about each other. Every week at our school mass, our prayer intentions include prayers for their school and community.

Above is the latest video they sent us letting us know how they have been doing since COVID. It is so fun to learn more about them and what our similarities are as Catholics in solidarity!

Book Fair

We're back in business! After the fall book fair took place online because of the uncertainty of COVID, our students were able to shop for books again! After an amazing Read-a-Thon and seeing our students read so many minutes, we are hoping to continue fostering that love of reading through the book fair.

Internet Safety- Smart Gen Society

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Students in 4th-8th grade listened to Aimie Konwinski, founder of Smart Gen Society, as she talked to them about online safety, branding, and how we can be smart with technology. It was a great reminder to our students (and teachers) about using apps that are age appropriate, posting images that represent our values and passions, and to not interact with strangers online.

Any parent or grandparent interested in learning more can go to their website-

or you can attend a FREE parent event on digital safety virtually on May 21 from 12-2.

Click here for the details.

Poetry Writing

Poems about the Pandemic

Middle Schoolers have been studying and writing poetry. They wrote poems reflecting on the pandemic. There were so many great poems. Here are a few!

Witnessing History!

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Demo Day

Check out the Video from the demolition of the old Parish Office/Convent. The day was filled with emotions- some tears, some excitement for the future. Either way, it was a historic event in St.Matthew's history! Here's to the future!