Eric's TOHS Weekly Update

For the week of: June 28 - July 4

From Eric's Desk:

Good Morning Everyone,

Only one topic to report today...although this upcoming week promises to be a critical for our future. On Friday, as many of you watched on, our Board of Education spent the day looking at options our instructional delivery model. Here's a link to the presentation that was given to them.$file/June%2026%2C%202020%20Board%20Study%20Session.pdf

This Tuesday, the Board will have a marathon meeting in which they do two things: 1) approve the budget for the 20-21 school year; and 2) select the structure for both blended and remote options. The term "blended" is the adopted terminology to describe what heretofore has been referred to as "traditional," "on-campus" or "live" teaching. The "blend" refers to a learning experience that is a blend of learning done at-home via technology and learning that take place in the classroom with a reduced number of students. Why the blend? It appears highly likely that we will be beginning the year with public health guidelines firmly in place and we will need to account for it.

The Board was presented with 8 options to consider for secondary schools. Of the 8, you'll note in the presentation that option 3 currently has the highest amount of support from district committees.

One other important note - the Board will be deciding between Schoology and Canvas as the district-wide LMS to be used next year.

Grab some popcorn and be sure to tune into the Board meeting on Tuesday at 6pm.

Enjoy your 4th of July this week - whatever that may look like in your home this year!


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