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Federalist vs. Anti-Federalist

Federalist vs. Anti-Federalsit

Have you thought about having a new constitution? Then you are in the right place Federalist can gave you what you want. The Federalist like to gave the constitution that you ever dream of. Let me tell you the name of the constitution that the federalist will gave you the name of it is The Constitution. If you pick federalsit the division of the power between the federal and state government then you need to be agaisnt the Bill of Right because they think they don't need one. They are favored a powerful federal government. Now if you are interested in the law then call the boss of the federalsit his name is Jonh Jay. Just think about us and then gave us a call have a great day.

Have you heard about the Articles of Confederation? If you haven't then you should consider be part of the Anti-Federalist so you can learn about the articles. If you like the Bill of Right then you are in the right because we like to have Bill of Right so we can protect the people rights and have everything organized. We want a weak federal government would not threaten states right. Anti- federalist want you to consider that we will protect the right that sometimes were taken way from you. If you pick us we will make sure nothing happen to your right. So if you pick us then call the boss of the Anti-fedralist his name is George Mason. Just think about nobody will protect your right as good as we will protect your right. have a good day.

Bill of Right

Do you who made the Bill of Right. His name start with James. Do have any clue. Okay here another clue he was part of the Anti-federalsit. Yeah!! you found the clue. His name is James Madison he was the first person to come up with the 10/12 Bill of Right. He so smart because without out the Bill Of Right We doen't what would we do. Thank you James Madison.

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